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Definition of screw compressors: Screw compressors are also known as screw compressors, including screw air compressors and screw process compressors (vinyl chloride compressors, etc.). Screw machines are positive displacement twin screw fuel injection compressors. Box-type skid-mounted structure.



Definition of screw compressor: Screw compressor is also called screw compressor, including screw air compressor and screw process compressor (vinyl chloride compressor, etc.). Box-type skid-mounted structure.
Structure and classification of screw machine
Screw compressor consists of a pair of parallel and intermeshing female and male screws. It is the most widely used rotary compressor. There are two types of single-screw and twin-screw compressors. Generally speaking, screw compressors refer to twin-screw compressors.
特点 The characteristics of screw compressor
Different from the reciprocating displacement type of the piston compressor, the screw compressor is a rotary displacement type compressor. Compared with piston compressors, screw refrigeration compressors have the following advantages:
小 Small size, light weight, simple structure, few parts, only equivalent to 1/3 ~ 1/2 of piston compressor;
High speed and large cooling capacity;
少 Fewer wearing parts, easy to use and maintain;
平稳 Smooth operation and low vibration;
Single stage pressure ratio is large, can be used at lower evaporation temperature;
The exhaust temperature is low, and it can work under high pressure ratio;
不 Not sensitive to wet travel;
The cooling capacity can be adjusted steplessly between 10% and 100%;
方便 Convenient operation and easy to realize automatic control;
Small size, easy to realize unitization.
The rotor, body and other parts require high processing accuracy and strict assembly requirements;
The oil system and auxiliary equipment are relatively complicated;
Because the speed is high, the noise is relatively large.
工作 Working principle of screw refrigeration compressor
The twin screw (compressor) consists of a pair of female and male rotors that mesh with each other and rotate in opposite directions. The female rotor is concave and the male rotor is convex. As the rotor rotates according to a certain transmission ratio, the rotor element volume changes due to the successive intrusion of the male and female rotors. The intrusion section (mesh line) moves toward the exhaust end, so the volume of the gas enclosed in the groove gradually decreases, the pressure gradually increases, and the pressure rises to a certain value (or the rotor rotates to a certain position). Volume) communicates with the exhaust hole, and the high-pressure gas exits the compressor and enters the oil separator. Inhale, compress, exhaust.

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